Entries - Bowls

Wooden items which have been made into a bowl shape which may be decorated, coloured, textured, embellished or otherwise enhanced.

Floating tulip bowl
Catalogue Number: 317

Floating tulip bowl. 8cm high, 13cm wide

From Hawaii with Love
Catalogue Number: 255

Curly Koa Bowl - 210mm Diameter, 125mm High. This piece of Koa was gifted to me from a friend who lives in Maui, Hawaii.

From the Potter's Kiln
Catalogue Number: 303

A traditional pottery form with a burnt orange glaze and wood interior. Movement, fluidity, warmth. This begs to be held. Timber: Macrocarpa. Size: 240 mm diameter x 85 mm height.

half tide
Catalogue Number: 288

Recycled  heart Rimu encompassing cut and polished paua pieces and shells. Including New Zealand silver ferns set in a rim of polished clear resin. 310 x 55 . Danish Oil finish

I C Fish
Catalogue Number: 287

Wood:  Walnut. Finish:  U-Beaut EEE and Shellawax Cream. Size:  230mm x 45mm


Idesia Lidded Bowl
Catalogue Number: 133

Pale creamy white lidded bowl made of Idesia wood

Inlaid Bowl
Catalogue Number: 174

Plane bowl with wenge maple and purple heart rings. Finished in Fishies Lacquer and polished using the Beall system. Rim dia 240, base dia 75 and oal height is 90.



3rd in Bowls
Iron Clad
Catalogue Number: 256

Oak bowl carved, textured and painted with rust paint. Inspiration for this piece was drawn from the iron clad ships of the American Civil War.  135mm Diameter, 105mm High

island in the wave
Catalogue Number: 315

Tassie blackwood. Filled the natural hole with resin with colour. Turned the bowl shape to make the island stand out. Turned 3 feet to sit nice. 270 wide x 105 high.

Kauri Bowl Jade Resin
Catalogue Number: 271

Kauri Bowl with Jade coloured resin rim.

25cm Wide x 7.5cm Deep

Kauri Dish
Catalogue Number: 128

Kauri Bowl with a wide rim(70mm).

310mm (Diameter) x 60mm (High)

Wax finish (Beall)

Kauri Inlay Bowl
Catalogue Number: 91

Swamp Kauri bowl with Purple Heart, Beech and Milliput expoxy putty inlay,

finished in Kaureem wax. 240mm X 65mm

2.5 yrs experience

Knot a Problem
Catalogue Number: 210

Large bowl (280mm diameter) in Tasmanian Blackwood, finished with EEE and Briwax

1st in Bowls
Catalogue Number: 88

Shallow Bowl in traditional Koru design, made from Wenge and Maple. 250mm diameter and 80mm high.

Design inspired by artist Gordon Walters.

2nd in Bowls
Lambton Worm
Catalogue Number: 324

This is a rolled edge bowl made from Poplar, with a pyrography embellishment. The imagery was inspired by the English tale of 'The Lambton Worm'. The Dragon and Fish have been subtly coloured with Gilders metallic paste and it is finished with the Beall Buffing System.  WxH 250mm x 80mm

Large Pohutukawa bowl
Catalogue Number: 118

A large piece of pohutukawa wood with a Dremel embellished band around the rim. Diameter 355mm.  Hight 125mm

Danish oil finish.

Large swamp
Catalogue Number: 146

Large swamp totara bowl

Diameter 370mm.   Hight 145mm

Finish Danish oil and Beall Buff system 

Late in Life
Catalogue Number: 214

A spalted taraire bowl 300 mm diameter. Finished with wax.