Entries - Bowls

Wooden items which have been made into a bowl shape which may be decorated, coloured, textured, embellished or otherwise enhanced.

Lifes journey
Catalogue Number: 57

This platter is made from NZ Kahikatea and has the Unanahi pattern around the rim which represents the journey that a person takes during their life.

It is 300mm x 65mm and has a wax finish.

London Plane Bowl
Catalogue Number: 73

London Plane bowl with rim. 220 x 45mm. Nc lacquer and wax finish.


Maple Leaf bowl
Catalogue Number: 157

Cedar wood bowl with hand painted rim.

Overall Diameter 260mm

Bowl Diameter 160mm

height 35mm

Miro Bowl
Catalogue Number: 188

Wood - Miro.  125mm wide x 95mm high.  Light weight - only 7mm thick in walls.

Catalogue Number: 136

A rugged kauri bowl 275 mm wide which retains its original character through its splits and nail holes.  Finished in shellac and wax.

Natures Swamp Rata
Catalogue Number: 100

This bowl is turned and has an undercut rim. It has a high gloss mirror like finish . Swamp Rata is rare and a very unique piece of NZ wood.

Dimensions: 75mm high, 305mm diameter, 40mm rim, 20 mm undercut.

Catalogue Number: 104

Rimu bowl turned then used a router jig on lathe. 280mm x 40mm deep

Not for Pudding
Catalogue Number: 219

A burl of unknown origins, 230 mm long, turned on two centres and the the lumps smoothed out.  Finished with lacquer.

Nutty Yunnan
Catalogue Number: 222

A nut bowl of yunnan poplar, 110 mm diameter, with a marbled rim and lacquer finish.

Oak bowl
Catalogue Number: 84

Oak bowl, lightly ebonised on the outside, natural inside with silver band, Shellawax finish. Dia 135mm, height 50mm.

Only Just
Catalogue Number: 220

This kahikatea dish, 170 mm diameter, has just grown from being a plate to a bowl with a marbled rim and all finished with lacquer.

Catalogue Number: 94

Totara Birdseye Burl finished with Danish Oil and Carnuba wax. 330mm x 70mm


Catalogue Number: 215

Totara Birdseye Burl. 170mm x 50mm


Pohutakawa Basket Weave
Catalogue Number: 244

Pohutukawa. Pyrography, acrylics, gilders paste.  Finished with Danish oil and Carnauba Wax. 260mm wide, 95mm high. 


Pohutukawa bowl
Catalogue Number: 62

A shallow pohutukawa bowl with a fluted top and undercut rim. 270mm x 58mm. Finished in food safe bees wax.

Pohutukawa Bowl
Catalogue Number: 154

Pohutukawa Bowl,  25cm x 8cm, wax finish.

Reporoa Swamp Matai Bowl
Catalogue Number: 165

W 240mm H 130mm.

The Swamp was formed by the North Taupo volcanic event in 232AD. The bowl has been created from a very rare and special resource.
Teak Oil and Carnauba wax finish.

Rimu Bowl
Catalogue Number: 267

24cm x 8cm high Rimu bowl with feet. Simple form, beautiful heart wood grain