Entries - Hollow Forms/Vases

Hollow forms are wooden items which have been made from a single piece of wood and hollowed while turning on a lathe through a hole which is significantly smaller than the diameter of the finished work. Vases are wooden items which are at least twice as high as they are wide and have been hollowed while turning on a lathe. Hollow forms and vases may be decorated with other materials.

Pacific Bounty
Catalogue Number: 285

I overlook the sea and these ever-changing colours every day. This piece captures some of that.  Elm. Sandblasted, stained, limed, iridescent paints, driftwood, glass bead. Clear epoxy.  H.180mm.

Pohutukawa ogee hollow form
Catalogue Number: 63

Pohutukawa ogee shaped hollow form with coral texturing. 230mm x 65mm. Finished in oil and bees wax

1st in Hollow Forms/Vases
Catalogue Number: 59

Turned from Copper Beech, lines burnt with pyrograph, textured with a round burr and airbrushed with Golden acrylic paint  165mmdia x 215 high. Finally finished with lacquer.

Prettied Pohut
Catalogue Number: 30

Pohutukawa with panels of marbling to pretty it a little.  190 mm high and finished with lacquer.

Puriri hollow form
Catalogue Number: 65

Puriri hollow form hollowed to feature the puriri grub holes. Polished to a gloss in oils and bees wax. 180mm x 120mm.

Highly Commended in Hollow Forms/Vases
Purple Gloss
Catalogue Number: 295

Purpleheart with Macrocarpa and Rimu Finial.  Acrylics. Finished with Danish oil and Carnauba wax.  175mm wide, 210mm high. 

Highly Commended in Hollow Forms/Vases
Catalogue Number: 319

Widest dimensions: Base = 110mm (hollow Taiwan cherry inverted vortex shape); hollow form = 120mm (spalted maple), ring around hollow form = 120mm (Kauri). Height = 495mm.  Spindle and finial are Gardenia with Tasmanian blackwood connections at top and bottom of hollow form. Spindle, finial, and connectors colored with Baroque antique gold guilders paste. Skytower is made from eight separately turned pieces.

Suspended lidded vessel
Catalogue Number: 153

Puple Heart / Totara /  Tawa hollow form. Coloured dye and pyrographic embellishments

Suspended vessel
Catalogue Number: 152

Spalted Maple & Purple Heart. Hollow Vessel

Overall Height 150mm

Vessel 70mm widest point

Swirling Urn
Catalogue Number: 322

The wood this urn was made from is Chinese silk tree. The widest diameter is the opening (150mm) and the height is 160mm.

Textured and painted hollow form
Catalogue Number: 162

Hollow form with North American Indian design from Ancient Kauri  350m/m dia x 200m/m deep

Totara vase
Catalogue Number: 141

Totara post vase. The black section was carved with an angle grinder, scorched and finished with black dye and shoe polish.
Exposed wood finished in rice bran oil. 320mm tall.

3rd in Hollow Forms/Vases
Turned under form
Catalogue Number: 55

This piece is made from Rewarewa and has a deep turn under to show off the beauty of the wood.

It is150mm x 65mm.

2nd in Hollow Forms/Vases
Young Puriri
Catalogue Number: 56

This vessel is made from a young Puriri tree, native to New Zealand, it shows some of the sap wood in white that contrasts with the natural dark brown of the main tree

This is 150mm x 90mm