Entries - Domestic Ware

Wooden items which may be decorated with other materials. This includes items such as rolling pins, spoons/scoops, egg cups, goblets, salt/pepper shakers, egg timers, lamp stands, stools, bowls and any other wooden items the maker believes to be utilitarian in a domestic situation.

Laminated salt and pepper shakers
Catalogue Number: 110

Aussie Greybox, red mallee, teak, Magnolia. 2 ring design. 140mm x 45mm

Laminated special ring salt and pepper shakers
Catalogue Number: 112

Four ring multi color rings, these are made from the waste off-cuts from my normal 10mm ringed shakers they get reused into these special sets. 140mm x 45mm

Highly Commended in Domestic Ware
Lidded Yarn Bowl
Catalogue Number: 130

Wood - Pohutukawa, Macrocarpa, Kauri, Rimu. Cat decoration. Approximate size  Diameter 85 cm Height 25 cm. Finish - Danish Oil

London plane vessel
Catalogue Number: 140

London plane vessel. Hot glue dots covered with matt black acrylic and satin polyurethane.
Interior finished with rice bran oil. 130 x 90mm.

Macrocarpa Clock
Catalogue Number: 204

Turned macrocarpa clock with base. The clock face measures 50mm and the width and height of the piece measure 90mm. Finished to a high polish with the Beall buffing system. 

Milking Stool
Catalogue Number: 246

3 Leg milking stool. Plum base, ~250mm totara legs. Jarrah inserts. 

New Zealand Rimu Wall Clock
Catalogue Number: 230

Timber:  New Zealand Heart Rimu. Size:  280 mm diameter. Wall mounting. Face: Roman numerals with second hand. Finish: Beall Buff Finish. Embellishments: Decorated on back. Power: Battery.

Not-so-lazy lazy-susan
Catalogue Number: 300

An elegant centerpiece perfect for entertaining. Beautifully crafted in richly grained NZ Kauri, this is a standout piece. Timber: Kauri. Size: 445 mm diameter, 53 mm height.

Oak and Purple Heart Board
Catalogue Number: 207

Made from Oak with thin Purple heart strips. About 400 x 340mm in size. 

Oak board
Catalogue Number: 208

Made from Oak wood. About 500 x 300mm.

Pinnard Stethoscope
Catalogue Number: 119

A Pinnard Stethoscope used by medical professionals for listening to a fetal heart beat.

Size: 150mm x 60mm

Timber : Rimu

Rimu Board
Catalogue Number: 206

Made from Rimu wood. About 460mm long, 22mm thick.

Catalogue Number: 307

Macrocarpa rectangular share board with a well in the centre.  350mm long by 150mm wide by 20mm thick with 105mm diameter depth of 15mm. Finished with food-safe mineral oil. 

Rolling pin with Celtic knot
Catalogue Number: 81

Tawa with Pine three ply inlay, rice bran oil finish. Length 400mm, dia 60mm.

Salt & Pepper Grinders
Catalogue Number: 90

Heineken Salt & Pepper Grinders made with Crushgrind grinder. Wood used NZ Totara.

Height: 260mm Diameter: 58mm

Salty Pig
Catalogue Number: 36

Inspired by the texture of a sea urchin. It stands 110mm high. The wood is magnolia with a lime wash finish . The handle has been Beall buffed.  

Set of 3 Matai Bowls
Catalogue Number: 194

# Matai Bowls stacking neatly within each other.  Large 175mm W x 100mm H  - Medium 150mm W x 90mm H - Small 130mm W x 80mm H.



1st in Domestic Ware
Spiral Vase
Catalogue Number: 175

Segmented spiral vase using purple heart, wenge, maple, rosewood and sapele. Finished in Fishies Lacquer and polished using the Beall system.  Rim dia 270, base dia 90 and overall height is 200 mm.