Entries - Boxes

Any wooden item with a lid that fits into or over the body of the work to enclose a usable space within.

Highly Commended in Boxes
Olive Box
Catalogue Number: 12

This Commissionaire style box is adapted from a Chris Stott design.  Here made from olive wood, possibly a tree planted by Logan Campbell in 1880, 140 mm high, finished with wax.

Poised Too
Catalogue Number: 283

Representing a tipping point: A usable box that thinks it wants to be a hollow form! N.Z. Rimu, Paua shell, ceramic beads, silver pin. Carved, verdigris wax, lacquer.  H. 170mm.

Pond Life
Catalogue Number: 43

Turned from macrocarpa and embellished with pyrographic detail and lacquer finished. The box stands 160mm high and draws up from a base of 60mm to 90mm in width. Design inspired by Bill Clark and acknowledges his work. 

Puriri Rook
Catalogue Number: 74

Puriri Rook, Castellations and embrasures, 90mm h x 60mm w. Nc and wax finish


Quilted Matai trinket box
Catalogue Number: 115

This was a rare find on the west coast quilted Matai. Lined with royal blue felt.  240mm x110mm x 90mm

2nd in Boxes
Shōga Bamboo
Catalogue Number: 299

A traditional ginger jar shaped, pet cremation urn. Made from Macrocarpa with pyrographic detail. The box stands 150mm high and is 120mm in diameter at its widest point.  Concept and design inspired by Bill Clark and acknowledges his work. 

Silk Box
Catalogue Number: 243

Spalted Beech box. Finished with Danish oil and Carnauba wax.  160mm wide, 105mm high

Spalted Beech Box
Catalogue Number: 258

Spalted Beech Box - 60mm Diameter at base, 55mm High. Keepsake / Jewellery box.

Spalted Tawa
Catalogue Number: 270

Seasoned wood where spalting lines are uninterrupted between the base and the lid.  Driftwood handle carved into the top.  Three coats of Penetrol wood oil. 165mm high x 80mm wide.

Suspended Box
Catalogue Number: 245

Base: Ash. Pillars: Swamp Rata. Box/Vessel: Mulberry. Finial: Ebony. Finish: Beal Buffed. Width at Base: 150mm. Height: 300mm. Box/Vessel: 60mm x 150mm

Swamp kauri lidded box
Catalogue Number: 138

5000 year old swamp kauri lidded box. Finished with carnauba wax.135mm wide.

Thinking outside the box
Catalogue Number: 304

Three individual vessels or stack into an elegant lidded form. The top lid is interchangeable across all bases. Timber: Cherry. Size: 70 mm diameter x 160 mm height.

Totara Burl Lidded Butterfly Box
Catalogue Number: 249

Totara Burl insert in lid. Body of box Swamp Rata 2,500 years old. 93mm diameter x 41mm high. Finish Carnauba Wax

Trinket box
Catalogue Number: 114

Trinket box 100mm dia x 50mm deep. Inlay lid is made from four mixed epoxy colors, body inlays multi colors.

Highly Commended in Boxes
Turquoise box
Catalogue Number: 184

Dyed ash lidded box with black finial and trim. Finial has 3 captive rings. Diameter 13cm Height 28cm.

Twisted finial
Catalogue Number: 51

This lidded box is made from Kamahi and stands 800mm x 100mm

The top has a twisted outer made from Walnut and a finial made from Pohutukawa and has been finished with a Beall buff of carnauba wax.

1st in Boxes
Veneered Box
Catalogue Number: 182

A Rimu burr veneered Art Deco styled box with various other species of timber veneer and bone inlay. Solid brass hardware. Size 280 x 280 x 85mm high.

3rd in Boxes
Catalogue Number: 77

A trifoot Asian style pet ashes keepsake urn. Turned from Macrocarpa with basket weave style pyrography and apple burl “Torii gate” cross piece.  The box stands 130mm x 120mm wide.  Concept and design inspired by Troy Grimwood and exhibited with his permission.