Entries - Ornamental

Any ornamental sculptured or abstract item made principally of wood. The item may be embellished with other materials. This may be a carving; or carved, textured, or painted woodturning; or marquetry, intarsia; or scroll saw work which creates an ornamental item from one or many pieces of wood; or any other wooden item which the maker considers to be ornamental.

Owl carved from Black Walnut
Catalogue Number: 313

Owl, carved from black walnut (500mm wingspan, 270mm tall) posed in the act of striking a mouse carved from basswood. The eyes are plastic. Face of owl enhanced by pyrography.

Pohutukawa flowers
Catalogue Number: 60

Turned from Apple, lines burnt with a pyrograph, airbrushed with Golden acrylic transparent paint, pierced and textured with an NSK Presto and finally sprayed with lacquer.  110dia x 190 high. 

Pohutukawa seal
Catalogue Number: 126

Pohutukawa driftwood collected from Kaitoke beach on Great Barrier Island and given new life.  Measures approximately 850mm overall.  

Pohutukawa spiral
Catalogue Number: 125

Pohutukawa driftwood collected from Kaitoke beach on Great Barrier Island and given new life.  Measures approximately 1050mm overall.  

Highly Commended in Ornamental
Ragged 8
Catalogue Number: 50

Wood: 100 year old Olive. Height: 275mm. Diameter: 125mm. Turned and carved. This is number 8 in this series, which I started around 2007.

Ragged 9
Catalogue Number: 45

Ragged 9
Wood: Black Maire
Height: 260mm
Diameter: 200mm
Finish: Iridescent acrylic paint
This is number 9 of this series, which I started way back in 2007. It is turned.

Catalogue Number: 187

ANZAC day 2020. As Poppies rose from the Ash so shall we rise again. Paperbirch, Acrylic, Indian-ink sanded back for the grey effect of the ash on the battlefields. 165mm x 210mm

Ribbon Vase
Catalogue Number: 149

Ribbon effect Spalted maple vase with piercings

Height 200mm

Diameter 90mm

Rimu Rocking Chair
Catalogue Number: 78

Made of  Rimu and spalted Tawa

Every piece of wood in this chair has been sculpture just as Sam Maloof did.

Height 1065mm, width 700mm, rocker are 1020 long.

Ring of Fire
Catalogue Number: 217

A swamp kauri rolled edge vessel 180 mm diameter.  Finished with wax.

Catalogue Number: 242

Macrocarpa hollow form with Purple heart lid and spalted burl finial.  Coloured with acrylics and finished with gilders paste.  150mm high, 210mm wide. 



Rolling one
Catalogue Number: 292

Folded and rolled, swamp kauri ; dyed, turned, carved and pyrography. 175mm long

Running Bear Ceremonial Knife
Catalogue Number: 197

Rimu knife spindle and off centre turned, with beeswax finish. Pyrography featuring American Indian Brave, Bear, and Tribal Symbols. Traditional peyote beadwork woven and recessed into the handle. 210x35mm

Rusty red Orb
Catalogue Number: 263

6.5cm orb, carved, textured and coloured

Sea Horse
Catalogue Number: 161

A carved sea horse from Ancient Kauri 500 m/m tall x 250m/m wide

Seed pods
Catalogue Number: 89

A set off three seed pods, turned and carved in Ginkgo, embellished with pyrography, gilders paste and lacquer finish.

The largest pod is 90 mm long and 35 mm diameter.

Spalted Goblet
Catalogue Number: 247

A spalted Tawa goblet, with Pyrography embellishment/enhancement of the natural spalting. The flowers have been coloured with oil pencil and it has a spray lacquer finish. HxW 180mm x 100mm

Storm Rider
Catalogue Number: 107

Natural edge carved Rimu wall hanging with Ebony sea bird.

Rimu ebonized and finished with Osmo Polyx oil and gesso detail. Ebony albatross natural.

Size: 1350 x 280 x 90mm