Entries - Domestic Ware

Wooden items which may be decorated with other materials. This includes items such as rolling pins, spoons/scoops, egg cups, goblets, salt/pepper shakers, egg timers, lamp stands, stools, bowls and any other wooden items the maker believes to be utilitarian in a domestic situation.

Square top laminated salt and pepper shakers
Catalogue Number: 111

Square top design 140mm x 45mm. Yew, red beech, teak, walnut

2nd in Domestic Ware
Squirrel Nut Bowl
Catalogue Number: 131

Wood Turned. Bowl Blackwood. Acorn Macrocarpa. Squirrel Blackwood. Approximate sizes. Bowl size diameter 30 cm x height 8 cm. Acorn size diameter 30 cm x height 26 cm. Squirrel length 10 cm x height 8cm. Finished with Cellulose Lacquer, EEE Wax,  Old Bucks Wax and Acrylic red paint. Acorn has been hollowed

Sycamore at Work
Catalogue Number: 233

Sycamore, with a band of marbling, put to work as a pencil or small domestic implement holder, 120 mm high, finished with lacquer.

Tape Measure Holder
Catalogue Number: 252

Wind up tape measure holder. 46mm diameter x 56mm high. Material 2,500 year old Swamp Rata. Finish Tung Oil

Toothpick Holder
Catalogue Number: 11

A toothpick holder with hygienic lift up top all from one piece of black maire.  The finial top cannot be lifted completely out of the vessel. 140mm high.

Trickery Wall Clock
Catalogue Number: 186

Red Beech Burl with Swamp Kauri Buttons. 330mm x 20mm

Catalogue Number: 312

Sycamore.  Yew.  Oak. Height 430 mm. Width 150 mm. Wig stand, showcasing the inner beauty of a kina shell, hidden until losing its crown of spines, is held aloft by a spiral 'in'-spire.