Entries - Bowls

Wooden items which have been made into a bowl shape which may be decorated, coloured, textured, embellished or otherwise enhanced.

Ammonite Fossil Bowl
Catalogue Number: 199

Small Magnolia wood bowl 127x25mm. An Ammonite fossil has been embedded flat into the base of the bowl. Finish is Tung Oil mixed with Beeswax

Ancient Kauri
Catalogue Number: 183

A highly figured ancient Kauri bowl, finsihed in a food safe finish. 20cm diameter 9 cm high.

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
Catalogue Number: 135

A 265 mm kauri bowl finished in shellac and wax with resin borders of green and gold.

Highly Commended in Bowls
Aussie Charm
Catalogue Number: 254

Flowering Gum Burl - 420mm Diameter, 90mm High. A decorative bowl with three carved feet on the base.

Aussie Firewood
Catalogue Number: 211

Large bowl (280mm diameter) from a Eucalyptus gum Burr, finished in Buffing oil

Barn Bay Burl
Catalogue Number: 39

Red beech burl bowl with copper void detailing. Finished with Aussie oil to give the piece a lower sheen. Overall height is 160mm.   

Beach Bowl
Catalogue Number: 148

Collection of Pine cones and driftwood gathered from my local beach. Resin poured

Diameter 220mm Height 70mm

Bird Feeder
Catalogue Number: 224

A piece of rimu which once provided food for birds, now to carry nuts, 110 mm diameter, with marbling on the rim and all finished with lacquer.

Black Maire copper inlay
Catalogue Number: 202

Black Maire with copper inlay around rim of bowl. 282mm Diameter. 102mm Height. Finish with carnauba wax. 

Black Maire Double rim copper inlay
Catalogue Number: 201

Black Maire double rim bowl with copper inlay to natural defects. 419mm Diameter. 107mm Height. Carnauba wax finish

Blackwood Bowl Jade resin inlay
Catalogue Number: 275

A Blackwood Bowl with a Jade coloured Resin Inlay. 17cm Wide x 9cm Deep.

Bowl Set
Catalogue Number: 298

Set of 2 bowls. Medium: 245mm diameter x70mm high x 6mm wall. Small: 210mm diameter x 43mm High x 6mm wall. Both have textured coloured band above centre on outside with beads under band. Base of bowls decorated plus Paua dot. Finish Beall Buff System.

Bowl with flat segmented rim
Catalogue Number: 173

Bowl: Macrocarpa bisected by mahogany veneer

Rim:  Recycled kwila decking with macrocarpa spacers

245mm x 45mm

Covid Variant
Catalogue Number: 328

Our world has changed. This contemporary is my take on an ever-changing virus effecting each and every one of us. The timber used for this piece is Box Elder, enhanced with water based dye.

Decorated Bowl Large
Catalogue Number: 241

Timber: Macrocarpa. Size:  320mm diameter x 120mm high x 10mm thick wall. Decorations: Textured band - coloured - above mid height. Beads below textured band. Decorated base complete with Paua dot. Finish: Beall Buff application.

Douglas Fir Creation
Catalogue Number: 250

Even offcuts from building can have form and function revealed by a woodworker, as in this H220mm x D90mm bowl made from laminated Douglas Fir; finished with Aussie Oil.

Catalogue Number: 134

A macrocarpa bowl of 295 mm diameter rimmed with guinea fowl feathers set in a clear resin.  The exterior form is ogee shaped and the finish is Beall buffed.

Firework Bowl
Catalogue Number: 156

Camphor wood bowl with painted rim

Overall Diameter 210

Bowl Diameter110mm

Height 30mm