Entries - Plates/Platters

Wooden items which have been turned to a plate/platter shape on a lathe and may be decorated with other materials. The height must not exceed 15% of the diameter e.g. a 400mm diameter piece must not exceed 60mm in height.

Ancient Kauri platter
Catalogue Number: 163

Ancient Kauri platter with resin inlay containing Tapa cloth, paua shell and Samoan cultural patterns 660m/m dia x 60m/m deep.

Art Deco Platter
Catalogue Number: 151

Hand Painted Totara wooden platter

Diameter 320mm

Height 25mm

Burl Platter
Catalogue Number: 257

Silver Birch Burl.  A small heavily figured platter with three carved feet. 215mm Diameter, 30mm High


Chestnut Service
Catalogue Number: 213

A lightweight chestnut platter.  330 mm diameter.  Finished with lacquer.

Cloud to water plate
Catalogue Number: 69

300mm diameter x 50mm ancient Kauri & tinted resin plate

Displaying the wonderful patterns of the grain


3rd in Plates/Platters
Depths of Geldingadalir
Catalogue Number: 301

Crusted rock, deceptively cool. Molten heat radiates underneath. A connection of elemental power with the beauty of natural timber. Timber: Heart Rimu. Size: 445 mm diameter x 56 mm height.

Dragon Lady
Catalogue Number: 193

Puriri finished with Danish oil. 335mm x 50mm.

2nd in Plates/Platters
Forged in Fire
Catalogue Number: 286

 I also produce smooth shiny bowls and platters, but enjoy  exploring textures. This cracked & barky piece of Fastigata could well handle the abuse I dished out to it!  Carved, burned, sandblasted. Danish oil. W. 360mm 

Highly Commended in Plates/Platters
Inlaid Rim Platter
Catalogue Number: 93

Tasmanian Blackwood platter with Kauri, Puriri, Casuarina Burr and Milliput epoxy putty inlay. Finished with Kaureem wax. 340mm x 50mm

Kanuka plate
Catalogue Number: 139

Kanuka plate with pyrography design.
Danish oil finish. 235 x 35mm.

Kauri on Fire
Catalogue Number: 127

Platter 440mm(Dia) x 50mm (High) with wax finish(Beale Buff)

Purple Haze
Catalogue Number: 75

Turned from lightly spalted sycamore, it is 300mm in diameter and stands 50mm from the base. Painted with iridescent paint with a centre finished with Aussie oil.

Restored Blackwood
Catalogue Number: 297

Tasmanian Blackwood. Finished with Danish oil and Carnauba wax.  270mm wide, 35mm high. 

Rose wood Platter
Catalogue Number: 198

Rose wood from Papua New Guinea. 470mm Diameter. 38mm height. finger grip 15mm. Finish carnauba wax.

Textured Teak Platter
Catalogue Number: 167

Teak timber is rarely available in this size - 325mm x 40mm. Finished in teak oil, carnauba wax and verdigris patinating wax on the textured rim. Displayed on Black Maire stand with Ebony pins.

Walnut Platter
Catalogue Number: 150

425mm diameter, Black Walnut platter with beaded rim. Reverse side embellished with bronzed texture. Finish in Danish oil.

1st in Plates/Platters
Wenge Platter
Catalogue Number: 177

Wenge platter with maple inlay. Finished in Fishies Lacquer and polished using the Beall system.  Dimensions 400 x 40.