Entries - Hollow Forms/Vases

Hollow forms are wooden items which have been made from a single piece of wood and hollowed while turning on a lathe through a hole which is significantly smaller than the diameter of the finished work. Vases are wooden items which are at least twice as high as they are wide and have been hollowed while turning on a lathe. Hollow forms and vases may be decorated with other materials.

Catalogue Number: 95

Maire, Ash for Kerikeri 200 year Tūhono celebration - Timbers represent the two cultures, Kerikeri river runs through town, ocean binds us all together (Actual topographic shape of river). 210mm x 70mm.

Catalogue Number: 218

A swamp kauri vase 140 mm high.  Finished with wax

Bolt Hole Vase
Catalogue Number: 142

A Kauri Hollow form vase from an old construction beam with bolt hole used to characterize the piece.

Timber: Kauri

Finish: Beal Buff

Size: 240mm Height x 150mm Width

carved hollow form with rope attachments
Catalogue Number: 160

A carved hollow form with rope decoration made from ancient kauri, 350 m/m dia x 200m/m deep.

Cowrie Shell
Catalogue Number: 86

A stylized Cowrie shell in Gingko, hollowed and carved with pyrography embellishment, lacquer finish. 40mm x 75mm.

Dark Side of the Moon
Catalogue Number: 321

The hollow form and finial are East African Yellow-wood. Widest diameter of hollow form is 145mm and height ranges from 120-155mm (top is the natural edge with bark removed). The finial is 45mm at the widest diameter and 120mm tall. The top of the hollow form was burned and highlighted with Baroque antique gold guilders paste; the finial was friction-burned and also highlighted with the guilders paste.

Dressed Yunnan
Catalogue Number: 221

A marbled hollow form 90 mm high made from yunnan poplar.  Finished with lacquer.

Holly Blue
Catalogue Number: 31

A holly hollow form with panels of marbling.  270mm high with a lacquer finish.

Catalogue Number: 311

Honey Locust.  Height 225 mm. Width 120 mm. This vase honours the triangle through surface carvings.  The piece is very tactile when held while looking for how many triangles you can find.

Jade Burl Vase
Catalogue Number: 305

A pared-down, elegant form. Coloured to look like NZ greenstone; just add sunlight to capture the depths of its hidden beauty. Timber: Poplar Burl. Size: 260 mm height. Hollowed vessel.

Catalogue Number: 276

Native Puriri with London Plane. Acrylics. Finished with Danish oil and Carnauba Wax. 190mm high, 150mm wide. 

Kauri Hollow Form with Purple Heart Trim
Catalogue Number: 253

Scraps of Purple Heart were used to trim this H180mm x D130mm Kauri Hollow Form after turning; finished with Bee Kind Finisher’s Formula.

Led Night Light
Catalogue Number: 314

Rosewood and resin formed together and turned. Fitted led strip to make nite light. 170 high x 115 wide.

Liquid Amber Vase
Catalogue Number: 268

Turned green, decorated on the outside using Sumi Japanese ink for the spalting effect.  Inside left original.  Finished with two coats of Penetrol oil. 125mm high by 125mm wide.

Little Native
Catalogue Number: 223

A piece of tawa, 190 mm high, with panels of marbling. Finished with lacquer.

Catalogue Number: 284

A decorative hollow form exploring the natural environment that the wood came from. Macrocarpa. Pumice, feathers, twigs, copper wire.  Incised, stained, lacquer finish.  H. 100mm.


Off-Centre Vases
Catalogue Number: 132

Wood:  Magnolia. Approximate Size Base diameter 27 cm

Height: Tallest 24 cm; Medium 16 cm; Smallest 12 cm

Finished with Danish Oil. Suitable for Dry or Artificial flowers


Oriental Look
Catalogue Number: 129

Totara stained (Chocolate Mahogany) Vase with Asian stylised copper image inlay. 240mm (high) x 110mm (Diameter)