Entries - Ornamental

Any ornamental sculptured or abstract item made principally of wood. The item may be embellished with other materials. This may be a carving; or carved, textured, or painted woodturning; or marquetry, intarsia; or scroll saw work which creates an ornamental item from one or many pieces of wood; or any other wooden item which the maker considers to be ornamental.

"Tipple time"
Catalogue Number: 80

Wine "bottle & glass" from macrocarpa, finished with buffing oil and beeswax. Embellished with copper wire and burn (using wire and soldering iron). Bottle dimensions 320mm high X 65mm diameter

Catalogue Number: 181

A family of 5 Kaitiaki that represent the nobility and wairua of the maori people. On the hem of the korowai/cloak is a Karakia from the Baha'i Scripture. Various woods, acrylic, bead and feather. total height 500mm

A Stich Up
Catalogue Number: 262

Magnolia with Tawa Needle - 60mm Diameter. Sphere textured with basket weave branding and painted with acrylic paint, a NZ Tawa needle and black thread. 

Catalogue Number: 70

Sculpture carved from Coromandel Ancient Kauri Burl

Mounted on a white base

420mm high including base


Catalogue Number: 235

A set of woodturned and marbled beads finished with lacquer.  The larger beads are 25 mm diameter and of various woods; the smaller beads are holly.

Blue Windows
Catalogue Number: 76

Segmented and staved oak vase with walnut and resin trim.

72cm tall. Largest diameter 23.5cm

Candle holder
Catalogue Number: 168

A trio of candle holders in macrocarpa and rimu.

290-390mm high, 145mm wide

3rd in Ornamental
Chalice 2
Catalogue Number: 121

Wood: Rhododendron. Height: 355mm. Diameter: 115mm. Texture: Pyrography with iridescent acrylic paint. This art piece was turned on two axes with the centre of the legs carved out.

Conch Shell
Catalogue Number: 85

A stylized Conch Shell in macrocarpa, carved with pyrography, embellished and lacquered, 45mm x 100mm.

Curl in the dark
Catalogue Number: 296

Darkened and curled swamp Kauri. Dyed, turned, carved, and pyrography textured. 215mm long

Ebony Finialed Spindle
Catalogue Number: 171

150mm spindle, 300mm stand

The flowering cherry globe features violet interference paint. This connects the two piano key sourced Ebony finials that each have six miniature captive rings. Black Maire base.

Explosive Peace
Catalogue Number: 123

Seven layers of marine ply, two of which are recessed into the macrocarpa backing. Finished in oil.

Backing 340mm x 340mm

Falling Tears
Catalogue Number: 38

Thin turned Sycamore, embellished crescent shaped pyrography. Each marking comprises 12-18 small dots with give the piece its texture. The pot stands 90mm tall. It is finished with Aussie Oil.  Credit is given to Neil Joynt for the pyrographic pattern used on this piece. 

Fantail (Piwakawaka)
Catalogue Number: 105

Native to and distributed throughout New Zealand.


Feeds on insects especially by “hawking.”


Materials include: Puriri, Kauri, Macrocarpa, wire and hematite.


Height: 30cms

Four Blocks
Catalogue Number: 229

Using Black Walnut, Ash and Rimu this central pattern was created with diamond shapes and offset with contrasting strips.  370mmj by 190mm by 20mm.

Catalogue Number: 144

Rimu Burl Goblet. Stem is made of Purple Heart which was ebonised. Height: 17cm. Goblet Diameter: 12cm.

Gone But Not Forgotten
Catalogue Number: 40

Asian styled pet cremation urn. The body is turned from Macrocarpa with raku pattern pyrography crowned with bamboo cross piece and topped with a taonga of greenstone. Height is 150mm.

Greek Inspired Vase
Catalogue Number: 67

Tall vase. Walnut, Maple, Rosewood with marbled resin collar.

Segmented and staved.

1010 mm high. 330 mm diameter.