Entries - Natural

Any single piece of wood, which may be turned on the lathe or shaped with other tools and retains a part of the natural surface of the wood as it was found, or after the bark has fallen off.


Silver Birch Burl
Catalogue Number: 269

Turned green, bark fell off during drying.  Indian ink applied to the bare edge.  Finish is three coats of Penetrol wood oil. 100mm high x 160mm wide.

Swamp Kauri Burl Bowl
Catalogue Number: 239

Swamp Kauri Burl Bowl.  Finished with Danish Oil and Carnauba wax.  75mm high, 260mm wide. 

Yew Bowl
Catalogue Number: 178

Natural Yew Bowl 260mm X 150mm 

Yew Wood (Taxus Baccata)
Catalogue Number: 273

300mm wide x 100mm high. Dry seasoned wood, a lovely challenge.  Three coats of Penetrol wood oil.