Entries - Bowls

Wooden items which have been made into a bowl shape which may be decorated, coloured, textured, embellished or otherwise enhanced.

Rose wood reversible bowl
Catalogue Number: 200

Rose wood from Papua New Guinea. 495mm Diameter. 90mm Height. Finger grip 45mm. Carnauba wax finish.

Options to use as a bowl or a serving platter, or eye catching display piece. 

Catalogue Number: 277

A bowl turned from native Matai, with Pyrography and oil pencil embellishment. I was inspired by a warm autumnal theme. HxW 80mm x 190mm 

Shell Bowl
Catalogue Number: 185

A pyrography embellished bowl made from macrocarpa. Finished in a food safe finish.

Diameter 13cm, Height 7.5cm

Southern Matai bowl- Cherry Resin
Catalogue Number: 274

Southern Matai Bowl with a Cherry coloured resin inlay. 15.5cm Wide x 10.5cm Deep

Spalted Taraire
Catalogue Number: 289

Spalted Taraire.  Pyrogrography. Acryclics, Gilders Paste.  Finished with Danish oil and Carnauba wax. 230mm wide, 100mm high


Spiral Galaxy
Catalogue Number: 106

Mahaogany and Matai 290mm x 40mm deep. Turned then router jig used.

Starburst Bowl
Catalogue Number: 155

Spalted Maple bowl, with painted inner

Diameter 240mm

Height 70mm

Highly Commended in Bowls
Catalogue Number: 108

Sweet chestnut 300mm x 40mm deep. Turned then router jig used. Eight coats laquer. Buffed with EEE.

Catalogue Number: 68

Wide rim bowl in New Zealand grown Lime

300mm diameter x 45mm high

Rim is textured, pyrographed and painted

Paua insert on bottom


Sunset Bowl
Catalogue Number: 196

Diameter: 18cm x Height 8cm. Macrocarpa bowl with stem. Acrylic painted band around the rim. Polyurethane finish to protect paintwork 

Three feet bowl
Catalogue Number: 53

This bowl has been turned from a piece of crotch blackwood and has three small feet on the bottom.  The finish is carnauba wax. Size, 260 mm diameter.

Three sided bowl
Catalogue Number: 209

Three sided bowl in Macrocarpa with embellishments, 180mmwide * 130mm high

Catalogue Number: 116

This was a fun bowl to do. Yew with a series of holes bored in the blank before turning. 300mm dia x 40mm deep

Valentine Purple Heart
Catalogue Number: 99

This item is turned using purple heart, it has a high gloss finish and the bowl is turned creating an undercut rim.

Dimensions: 65mm high, 330mm diameter, 30mm rim, 21mm undercut. 

Whakapakoko 1
Catalogue Number: 278

Reproduction of  vessel used by Maori Tohunga  to hold the spirits of gods or ancestors during ceremonies.  19,000 yr old Swamp Kauri, artificial fern, feathers, Paua shell. Turned, burned & sandblasted.  100mm high.

Whakapakoko 2
Catalogue Number: 279

Reproduction of a vessel used by Maori Tohunga to hold the spirits of gods or ancestors during ceremonies.  19,000 yr old Swamp Kauri,  Pounamu base, artificial fern, feathers, Paua shell. Turned, burned and sandblasted.  100mm high.

winged bowl
Catalogue Number: 316

Joined two taraire and two purple heart pieces to make a square then turned to this shape. Turned bowl and cut exact hole in wings sanded and finished to two winged bowl. 380 wide x 75 mm high.

Yew bowl
Catalogue Number: 117

Yew bowl 270mm x 30mm deep.  Ten coats laquer. Buffed with EEE.