Entries - Ornamental

Any ornamental sculptured or abstract item made principally of wood. The item may be embellished with other materials. This may be a carving; or carved, textured, or painted woodturning; or marquetry, intarsia; or scroll saw work which creates an ornamental item from one or many pieces of wood; or any other wooden item which the maker considers to be ornamental.

Green patina Orb
Catalogue Number: 266

6cm carved, textured, decorated Orb

Happily Green
Catalogue Number: 237

A shawl pin of kauri, 70 mm diameter, and a round pendant, 50 mm diameter, both marbled on one side and finished with lacquer.

Catalogue Number: 176

Moving Squares using wenge and maple squares as a wall-hanging piece. Dimensions 870 x 630 x 28.

Intarsia calf
Catalogue Number: 87

The calf is made from Ash and Pohutukawa with lacquer finish.

100 mm wide x 110 mm high 10 mm thick.

Kauri seed pod
Catalogue Number: 124

Kauri driftwood collected from Kaitoke beach on Great Barrier Island and given new life.  Measures approximately 750mm overall.  

Catalogue Number: 113

Bird - poplar

Beak - ebony 

Bulrushes - Paulownia 

Poplar wood Base 220mm

Height 800mm


Kokako (North Island)
Catalogue Number: 101

Endemic to New Zealand.  Widely distributed in pockets of unmodified native forest.

Feeds on fruit, leaves and flowers.


Materials include:  Kauri, bark, wire, hematite.

Width: 40cm

Highly Commended in Ornamental
Leaves 3
Catalogue Number: 49

Wood: Matai. Diameter: 200 mm. Height: 70 mm. Texture: Pyrography with iridescent paint. This art piece is Turned and carved. 

Liquorice Twist
Catalogue Number: 158

Liquorice Twist 155mm High and 70mm wide features a laminated coloured wood Finial at its heart.

Pohutukawa topped with a Wenge Finial. Nothing Conventional here.

Little bright one
Catalogue Number: 294

Little bright inside painted one. Swamp Kauri, dyed, turned, carved, painted and pyrography. 175mm long

Little trumpet
Catalogue Number: 293

Open form trumpet pod, calling out, dyed, turned, carved and pyrography. 185mm long and wood plain centre

Marbled Decorations
Catalogue Number: 236

A set of kauri shawl pin, 70 mm diameter, and silky oak triangular pendant, 65 mm long.  Both marbled on one side with the grain of the timber as decoration of the other side. Finished with lacquer.

Marbled Pendant
Catalogue Number: 234

A 50 mm diameter pendant of unknown wood.  Marbled on one side only and finished with lacquer.

Matariki trumpet
Catalogue Number: 291

An open ended pod in swamp kauri, dyed,turned, carved any pyrograpphy 215mm long

Missing pieces #2
Catalogue Number: 61

Segmented Black Walnut bowl with blue marbled resin highlight, and missing pieces.

450mm diameter

mixed media
Catalogue Number: 48

This ornamental box was the result a club challenge.

Main wood is kauri. Lid is matai.

Leather and copper embellishments


1st in Ornamental
Nexus 5
Catalogue Number: 46

Nexus 5 finished. Wood: Black Maire. Height: 240 mm. Diameter:180 mm. Texture: Pyrography with iridescent acrylic paint.

Oriental style pierced vessel
Catalogue Number: 64

Swamp rata and totara vessel hollowed to 1.8mm thick. Pierced and buffed. Black paint finish. 220mm x 110mm