Entries - Ornamental

Any ornamental sculptured or abstract item made principally of wood. The item may be embellished with other materials. This may be a carving; or carved, textured, or painted woodturning; or marquetry, intarsia; or scroll saw work which creates an ornamental item from one or many pieces of wood; or any other wooden item which the maker considers to be ornamental.

The Art of Wood
Catalogue Number: 302

A sculptural artwork which highlights the natural beauty of timber. Designed to be displayed in multiple orientations. Timber: Macrocarpa. Individual pieces: 100 - 140 mm diameter x 275 mm height.

The Mystery Ball
Catalogue Number: 309

Kauri Ball with secret Box, pyrography medallions, gilded with copper and finished with clear acrylic.

Turned stand resembles Rimu clears, designed and crafted from a photograph.  H 240mm

Three Faced 11
Catalogue Number: 122

Wood: Eucalyptus


Multi axis turned and carved with a sandblasted and oil finish.

Three in the (flax) bush.
Catalogue Number: 318

Marquetry wall hanging. Wood veneers used include Rimu, Jarrah, Walnut, dyed Poplar, Oak and Kahikatea. Mounted on 12mm MDF, and finished with  beeswax polish. Dimensions: 300 x 600 x 13mm.

Three Trees
Catalogue Number: 58

Turned from Maple, pyrographed forming three panels depicting Pohutukawa, Puriri and Kowhai flowers, airbrushed with  acrylic paint, and pierced and textured, 135mm dia x 225 high. Sprayed with lacquer.

Toru 6
Catalogue Number: 120

Toru 6
Wood: NZ Kauri
Diameter of the blank: 160mm
Height: 45mm

This is number 6 and one of the smallest in the series. It is a multi-axis turned piece which is turned, carved and sandblasted with an oil finish.
Toru means three in Maori for those who are interested.

Trembleur II
Catalogue Number: 195

Single piece of Purple Heart Trembleur. Purple Heart Finial, Swamp Kauri Base and lid. Glass tube. 710mm high. Consistent 2.5mm for thinnest parts. Pictures without glass tube to more clearly show wood.

2nd in Ornamental
Catalogue Number: 41

Tui sculpture is 580mm high, carved from Tupelo wood. Brass/epoxy legs, glass eyes, individual feathers burned using pyrography pens and painted with Acrylic paint. Magnolia base and drift wood stand.

Tumbling Blocks
Catalogue Number: 228

Using Black Walnut and Ash diamonds this pattern was created to form blocks and framed with Black Walnut.  280mm by 320mm by 22mm.

Unknown remnants
Catalogue Number: 145

Unknown remnants - driftwood discovered on Kaitoke Beach Great Barrier Island.  Wood type unknown.  Measures approximately 700mm.

Vents of Origin
Catalogue Number: 326

This is an ornamental/installation art piece. These tubes are turned from wet Pin Oak. Inspired by the deep sea volcanic vents and creatures who live in the depths. The tubes vary in size, with the tallest being 300mm and an average width of 45mm.

Walnut glow
Catalogue Number: 166

A Walnut blank had a channel cut in, red resin and pearl mica poured in the channel. Then turned to leave a resin band for light penetration. 18x7 cm

Waxeye/Silvereye (Tauhou)
Catalogue Number: 103

Native and distributed throughout New Zealand. 

Feeds on insects, nectar, berries and fruit.


Materials include:  Kauri, Pine, wire, hematite.


Height: 30cms

Wellington Wear
Catalogue Number: 238

A scarf buckle, 70 mm diameter, to secure that necessary item of apparel and a 50 mm pendant to match.  The buckle is yunnan poplar and both pieces are marbled on one side and finished with lacquer.

Witches Cauldron
Catalogue Number: 310

Turning based on 7th century cauldron - Morton Bay fig bowl 170mm with capstan and styalised fish, hung from wooden tripod (860 high) by light chain. Painted to depict verdigris. 

Catalogue Number: 231

The body of this block is Swamp Kauri with inserts including Black Walnut, Ash and Rimu to form a woven off-centre strip.  360mm by 280mm by 24mm.

Yunnan Pencil Pot
Catalogue Number: 232

Intended to be ornamental, yet functional, on the executive desk.  Yunnan poplar, 120 mm high, with a marbled band, finished with lacquer.