Entries - Domestic Ware

Wooden items which may be decorated with other materials. This includes items such as rolling pins, spoons/scoops, egg cups, goblets, salt/pepper shakers, egg timers, lamp stands, stools, bowls and any other wooden items the maker believes to be utilitarian in a domestic situation.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold - Salt Pig
Catalogue Number: 44

Inspired by a wood fired oven. The texture suggests the rendered look with a shimmer of gold. The piece stands 140mm high. The spoon has a 40mm bowl.

Baby Rattle
Catalogue Number: 225

New Zealand Kauri baby rattle with 3 captured rings. 150 mm long and 40 mm diameter. No treatment or added finish. Baby safe.

Bedside Table / Night Stand
Catalogue Number: 180

Entirely made of recycled Rimu. Width 446mm. Depth 276mm. Height 530mm.

Brown Sugar
Catalogue Number: 331

This Rimu lidded sugar bowl is made from ancient Rimu sourced from the Mamaku forest. The giant of the forest was in access of 1000yrs when felled and left behind for 80yrs with 3 rotations of pine trees planted over the top. Great timber is where you find it sometimes. 

Catalogue Number: 137

Standing 340 mm tall, this candlestick comprises complementary timbers of jarrah, kwila, an unknown white wood, and NZ kauri.  The finish is Beall buffed.

3rd in Domestic Ware
Caratacos Knot
Catalogue Number: 329

Caratacos is an original male Celtic name, Derived from the Celtic element car meaning "love". This was the name of a 1st-century British chieftain who rebelled against Roman rule. I have chosen this name to show the strong male influence in the design of this 3 piece writing gift set. The timber used is NZ Rewarewa with NZ Tanekaha. The hardware is 24cart gold and Rodium. The display box is Rose wood.

Celtic knot Pepper grinder
Catalogue Number: 203

Mahogany 8x celtic knot in Matai trunk. Timber height 180mm. 68mm diameter. Total height 297mm. Copper inlay in grub defects in Matai.

Checker Cutting Board
Catalogue Number: 205

Made from Pine and Oracca wood. About 320mm square.

Catalogue Number: 170

Centre is spalted wood from the firewood bin, species unknown, rimu, kwila and purple heart.

250mm diam

Condiment Pots
Catalogue Number: 212

A trio of spalted taraire condiment pots.  Each one is 140 mm high.  The lids are fitted with a four start thread for ease of access. No finish on the inside, wax on the outside.

Cup Cake Stand - Recycled Rimu
Catalogue Number: 290

Three platter and column cake stand, turned from recycled Rimu. Overall height 330mm, bottom platter diameter 285mm. Finished with EEE-Ultrashine and Shellawax. Made as four pieces ready to assemble or dis-assembled for storage.

Dreams - Floor Lamp
Catalogue Number: 192

Norfolk Pine 1.65m high. Lampshade115mm x 265mm

Catalogue Number: 71

Fine stemmed Goblet in Totara 

standing 220mm high by 75mm diameter

Finished in food safe oil ideal for having that tipple of wine

Grandmas Biscuit Barrel
Catalogue Number: 272

Macrocarpa barrel, Totara birds eye burl knob. Texturing inside lid and base of barrel.  Food safe oil inside, Penetrol oil, Carnauba wax, Beall buffed finish. 210mm high x 155mm wide.

Industrial [steam punk]
Catalogue Number: 102

Lamp, L.E.D, Shade: Elm, dome Yew. Base: Rimu, Mahogany, Kauri, Oak, Walnut. 300mm dia x 260mm high

Glass Radio transmitter valve. Designed own circuit board with 5 L.E.D's  1 x 25w 4 x 10w

Key Holder - 'In a galaxy far far away'
Catalogue Number: 282

Key holders, designed for a hall table at front door, serve a useful purpose beyond their decorative one! Elm, sandblasted, stained, limed, iridescent paints, silver & brass inserts. W. 210mm 

Key Holder - Iridescent.
Catalogue Number: 281

 Key holders, designed to be placed on a hall table at the front door, serve a useful purpose beyond their decorative one!  N.Z. Rimu, iridescent paints, lacquer. W. 180mm.

Laminated candle sticks
Catalogue Number: 109

These match my salt and pepper shakers and made in 4 parts. Height 310mm x 100mm base.Red oak, teak, walnut, Robinia, elm.